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Whiplash Headache

Many people begin to experience headaches following an injury to the neck, and the pains from these headaches can often be severe. Headaches are experienced by over sixty percent of neck injury patients, and the symptoms of the headaches can vary.

Some people with whiplash headache experience pains all over the head following their injury. Others experience the pain in particular parts, such as at the back of the head or behind the eyes. It is common for the onset of the headache to begin the day after the injury. This can make it difficult to move the head and neck, as you will have to deal with both neck and head pains.

The symptoms of this type of headache include pains that travel from the neck and up to the head. The symptoms can be made worse by cold temperatures. However, warmer temperatures can improve the pain, and many patients apply warmth to the back of the neck in order to alleviate the headache symptoms caused by the whiplash.

In most cases these headaches do clear up within a couple of months. However, it is not unheard of for headaches following a whiplash injury to come and go for years. Research indicates that females tend to be at higher risk of getting such headaches, and it is thought that the headaches are related to inflammation of the neck muscles and nerves of the neck following a whiplash injury.